Send Spy-Proof Messages

Beepip to me, baby

Beepip uses your own computer's power to scramble messages. It then blasts these encrypted messages out over a peer-to-peer network and only descrambles them when they arrive at the right beepip address. Because no central server is involved, there is no chance of snooping.

Encrypted Email

Encrypted email isn't secure. Beepip.

Unlike traditional email and instant messaging which leave data trails that companies and governments can access, the security and anonymity built into Beepip means that no outside force—not even the team that built Beepip—can see your messages or track down senders or receivers of messages.

Simply Beepip.

Beepip’s easy-to-use interface brings cryptography and secure communication to non-expert users, but also achieving military-grade security against hackers.

Strong Beepip.

Beepips use super strong authentication which hides the sender and receiver of the messages. It's impossible to send a beepip with a forged sender address – something that is relatively simple to do with email.

Trust No One. Trust Beepip.

Beepip is decentralised and trustless, meaning that you need not trust third-parties like email hosting providers. Your messages never pass through any central server or intermediary, they go straight to the recipient, cutting out the middlemen and eliminating the possibility of data trails and backdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install beepip?

Simply download Beepip from this website and run the file when it arrives at your computer.

How do I set up Beepip?

Once you've opened up Beepip, you need to create an identity. Do this by going to the "My Identities" tab and clicking "new". Create as many identities as you like.

How do I send my first message?

Go to the "send" tab and enter the Beepip address of the user you want to send your message to. Choose one of your identities as the "from" address. Type your message in the message field and click "send". It will take a minute or two to scramble and send your message so don't shut down Beepip during that time.

Is Beepip completely secure?

There will not be any way for someone without access to your computer to read your beepips. An interested party will only gain access to your beepips if they gain access to your computer.

How is Beepip different to email?

Email relies on central servers to store and process messages. This means you have to trust that other people won't snoop on your messages. Governments are now able to gain access to ALL email - even encrypted email. Beepip does not rely on central servers so you don't have to trust third parties like email providers or root certificate authorities.

Can I send spam?

No. The beepip system is designed to stop spam. The proof-of-work required to scramble and send messages makes spamming uneconomical. In addition, beepip addresses are designed to be thrown away and changed frequently. They are also unable to be found or guessed, so there is very little chance that you will ever get any type of unsolicited message.

Is it okay to create lots of beepip identities/addresses?

Yes! We want you to throw away and change your beepip addresses/identities frequently. Create and destroy as many identities/addresses as you like - they are completely disposable.

How does Beepip compare to other messaging methods?

Trustless P2P Hide Sender Hide Receiver
Beepip Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email No No No No
Skype No No No No
CrypyoCat No No No No
IRC No No No No